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Unity Unveils Unity Cloud; Empowers Developers to Easily Promote and Monetize Games

Unity CloudUnity Technologies is proud to announce Unity Cloud, a suite of online services designed to help mobile game developers of all sizes acquire new players, promote their games, and monetize their products successfully. Unity Cloud, in beta, now further levels the playing field for game development in and out of the Unity community.

Unity Cloud comes to market at a time when game developers are taking online distribution into their own hands. This trend puts the onus on developers to handle many business aspects of game distribution previously not a part of their trade. Unity Cloud helps simplify this transition by providing analytics, marketing, and monetization capabilities that are easy to implement. Unity Cloud will do the heavy lifting, empowering developers to succeed by allowing them to stay focused on game development. Unity Cloud uses your existing Unity Developer Network account and does not require native SDK integration.

In a 2013 Unity customer survey with over twenty-two thousand respondents, more than two-thirds of mobile game developers indicated a strong demand for online services delivered by Unity.

The initial offer of Unity Cloud services enables developers to run advertising—such as full screen interstitials—in their mobile games, as well as exchange installs with other Unity developers, to unlock the combined power of over half a billion mobile game installs for free.

Unity plans to roll out additional services and features for the Unity Cloud in the near future. Game developers interested in learning more or gaining access to the beta, can find out more at

"Unity has spent the last ten years focused on creating the best software development platform on the market and building an incredible community. Keeping to this tradition, we're pleased to offer developers Unity Cloud," said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. "We're already working with many of the world's largest publishers and well known indie developers, and thus Unity Cloud represents millions of dollars of revenue flowing to Unity developers, which is something that makes everyone at the company very, very happy."

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Publié le 29 août 2013 par Emmanuel Forsans
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