Starchain Gazer
10 rue de Penthièvre
75008 Paris


Dan BITON Founder & CEO

Informations administratives

Année de création : 2021
Statut : SASU
Effectifs : 10
Chiffre d'affaire : Information indisponible
RCS ou SIREN : Paris B 904 343 779
Code NAF : 5821Z - Édition de jeux électroniques

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Starchain Gazer

Starchain Gazer is a young game studio created by industry veterans. We focus on creating a mobile & desktop game for casual to mid-core gamers. Our expertise lies within the hybridation of 4X systems and MMORPG games acting as a casualized version of hardcore strategy games. Our team is composed of game designers, game developers, artists, and UX/UI designers.

Starchain Gazer recrutement

Aucune offre d'emploi ou de stage actuellement disponible

Informations complémentaires

We have won the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab competition and are incubated within the Ubisoft acceleration program of 2022.

Titres majeurs

Time Breachers: Players embrace a "Time Runner" career in a "uchronic" Multiverse composed of an infinite number of versions of planet Earth. Each alternate Earth possesses its own history, geography, and inhabitants. Time Runners explore sectors of the Multiverse and scout planets to find and exploit valuable Time resources for powerful factions & corporations. Whether discovering uncharted alternate Earths, exploiting and scavenging unstable temporal resources, or conquering territories from rival factions, the journey of a Time Runner is not an easy ride.
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