Festival of Games VIII, Modern Business Fare

Utrecht, The Netherlands - 19 - 20 April 2012

Festival of Games has been improved to meet the demands of today's business in the Games industry. First of all we have made life easier for you; plug & play marketing, plug & play sales. You do what you are best at, selling your products and services. We do what we are best at, organizing Europe's most effective business event for everyone who wants to make profit with digital games. Focused on boardroom knowledge and deal making the Festival of Games is a platform for decision makers from the international industry.

Festival of Games VIII, Modern Business Fare

Festival of Games VIII, modern business fare is the games business event where you will learn from successful peers, knowledgeable investors and credible sources how to do business in the current games industry. Through an exec level conference, high level master classes, a unique and proven matchmaking system and a business networking atmosphere, you and your company will get all the resources and business deals you need to stay ahead in the current market. For more information :

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