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Le moteur Unity PlayStation Mobile disponible en preview publique

PlayStation MobileJusque ici uniquement disponible sous forme de Beta dans certains pays, le moteur Unity est maintenant disponible pour tous les développeurs sous forme de preview publique pour développement de jeux sur PlayStation Mobile.
De plus, à partir du 29 mai 2014, le "PlayStation Mobile Developers Program" sera disponible dans 32 pays.

Cette annonce signifie que beaucoup de développeurs à travers le monde ont maintenant accès au moteur Unity sur PlayStation Mobile pour ainsi créer des jeux facilement sur cette plate-forme.
Autre implication, tous les développeurs de jeux mobile (iOS et Android) peuvent donc également porter facilement leurs productions sur PS Vita via PlayStation Mobile.

Retrouvez tous les détails de cette annonce dans le communiqué de presse international ci-dessous.


In addition, the "PlayStationMobile Developer Program" Will Expand to a Total of 32 Countries and Regions Beginning May 29, 2014

Paris, April 8, 2014 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) announced that starting today, it will initiate a public preview of "Unity for PlayStationMobile," a dedicated development environment for PlayStationMobile (PSM). Similar to the beta version which has been available to a select number of developers, the public preview of "Unity for PSM" is a fully integrated solution of "Unity" from Unity Technologies, and is optimized for the creation of PSM content for PlayStationVita (PS Vita). Furthermore, the "PlayStationMobile Developer Program" will expand to an additional 12 countries, and PlayStationStore (PS Store) for PSM will launch in four new countries. With these expansions, SCE will offer support to a wider range of developers in a total of 32 countries and regions, and deliver new PSM content for PS Vita in 22 countries.

SCE will continue to make improvements to the beta and public preview versions of "Unity for PSM," and will offer developers an official version of the solution with system enhancements starting this summer. Developers will be able to create PSM content by utilizing "Unity for PSM" without having to pay any extra charges if they already own licenses for the free version of "Unity" or "Unity Pro," which provide a full professional suite of tools and rendering power. The official "Unity for PSM" removes the need for extensive re-coding, allowing developers to easily port their games created for iPhone, iPad, and Android based devices to launch on PSM and deliver their content to PS Vita users worldwide.

The "PSM Developer Program," which is aimed at providing support to developers creating dedicated content for PSM, will expand to an additional 12 countries starting May 29, 2014. The program will soon be available in Australia, Brazil, Columbia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Thailand. The "PSM Developer Program" has been available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States since November 20, 2012, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan since January 21, 2013, and also Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden since December 18, 2013. By offering the program in a total of 32 countries, SCE will provide a wider range of developers the opportunity to bring their content to PSM. Please refer to the below website for detailed information on this program:

Moreover, in addition to the 18 countries which offer PSM content for Android and PS Vita, PlayStationStore for PSM will launch in 4 new countries: Austria, India, Poland and Switzerland beginning June 25, 2014, offering PSM content for PS Vita.

SCE will continue to collaborate with content developers to deliver compelling entertainment experiences only available on PlayStation through PSM.

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Publié le 8 avril 2014 par Emmanuel Forsans
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