A tax relief for the UK video games industry

After about 10 years of political campaining, the British government announced yesterday that it intends to introduce a tax relief for the UK video games industry. EGDF, the European Games Develper Federation applauds this decision of the UK government and concratulates TIGA to have driven this political campaign consistently for many years despite all setbacks and backstabbing from others, including parts of the game industry. EGDF Chairman Guillaume de Fondaumiere from Quantic Dream congratulated: " This IS a game changer for the UK, and thereby Europe!"

"This decision is a milstone in the history of European game politics and a big victory" says Dr. Malte Behrmann, the Genereal Secretatry of EGDF. "It was TIGA and no one else, who pushed this through in Britain. It is very important, that EU regulation is allowing these vital measures for games production in Europe. The efforts of the member states will help to to keep game production within Europe as the European game industry faces fierce international competition."

TIGA, the largest member organisation of EGDF commented that "this was a "brilliant" decision and "terrific" news for the games development sector. " TIGA, the only trade association to have consistently campaigned for tax relief for games development, described the provision to implement the tax break for games production as a "decisive victory" by TIGA for the UK video games industry which would increase employment, innovation and investment in the sector and would help to power the economic recovery. TIGA secured Games Tax Relief in the previous Labour Government's final Budget in March 2010, but it was dropped in the June 2010 Budget. Since then TIGA has campaigned relentlessly for Games Tax Relief and the award winning trade association's crusade has now succeeded. TIGA has been elected Uk Trade Association of the Year in 2010 and 2011. Dr Richard Wilson TIGA CEO stated: "This is a brilliant decision by the Government and terrific news for the UK video games industry. It is also a decisive victory won by TIGA through audacity, determination and endurance. Like a boxer knocked down by his opponent, we refused to accept defeat and kept getting back in the ring. This victory will benefit not just the UK games development and digital publishing sector but also the wider UK economy."

Publié le 23 mars 2012 par Emmanuel Forsans
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