The size of China's webgame market was RMB 2.3 billion in Q1 2012, up 21% from the previous quarter

According to a report released by Sun Mengzi, an analyst from Analysys International, the size of China's webgame market was RMB 2.315 billion in Q1 2012, up 21.1% from Q4 2011. China's webgame market continued to grow fast in this quarter and the involvement of some market giants made the market size expand quickly.

China's webgame market

Main features of Chinese webgame market in Q1 2012

  1. Overall revenue of the webgame industry was higher than the year-ago period, with major developers and operators maintaining and developing the market together. As both products and services are enhanced, China's webgame market will definitely see a considerable growth in 2012.
  2. Traffic resources rose accordingly and independent traffic operators took this great opportunity. Independent traffic operators represented by Tencent, 4399 and Baidu have seen an amazing growth in the competition of the webgame market, while the share of other channel operators are being squeezed, with profits reduced gradually.
  3. Crisis behind high speed. Despite the thriving webgame market today, there are a number of uncertainties behind fierce competition, such as Fast Money pursued by the entire industry, highly homogeneous competition, too high attrition and lack of an effective way to retain the users.

Analysys International believes that the webgame market will maintain its continuous, fast growth with the joint promotion by the game developers, the launch of more game categories and the emergence of part of star products with better experience.

Publié le 22 juin 2012 par Emmanuel Forsans
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