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Nintendo Announces Third-Quarter Financial Results

Nintendo today reported financial results for the first nine months of its current fiscal year (through Dec. 31, 2012), and revised full-year financial and unit shipment forecasts. While Nintendo saw year-on-year increases in the sales of Nintendo 3DS hardware (up 11 percent YOY) and software (up 41 percent YOY), those gains were not enough to offset decreased sales of Wii and Nintendo DS hardware and software. Furthermore, the strength of the yen averaged against the euro in the first nine months of Nintendo's fiscal year contributed to an overall 2.4 percent year-on-year decrease in sales. On the other hand, the company has returned to profitability in ordinary income and net income levels, driven primarily by foreign currency exchange gains.

Top-line results as compared to a year ago were as follows (in millions of yen)

Top-line results as compared to a year ago were as follows (in millions of yen)

Beginning in March and continuing through the rest of the calendar year and into 2014, Nintendo will release a cavalcade of strong, fan-favorite software titles for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. New entries in the Mario Kart, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, LEGO City, Wii Fit and Pikmin franchises will help Nintendo regain momentum for Wii U. Additionally, highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS games such as Luigi's Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf have the potential to be hardware drivers and bring new audiences to the platform.

Through the nine-month period ended Dec. 31, 2012, Nintendo has shipped 21.45 million hardware units and 126.57 million software units worldwide. Global unit sales, including lifetime totals, are as follows (millions of units):

Global unit sales

*LTD and April-Dec 2012 software unit sales include both standalone and bundled software.

To view an English translation of the complete financial results and other financial information, please visit

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